About the Music Videodocumentary

Music is, as cultural, social, economic and artistic phenomenon, a reason of curiosity, discovery, sharing and transmission of a fundamental knowledge of the human nature, besides his role in the “mediatic space”.

Music is an omnipresent element in our lives and is part in the construction of a collective conscientious. So, naturally it’s matter of study and documental treatment, where the audiovisual assumes a considerable part as a promotion object.

The “documentaries by authors” are, from a long time ago, an established genre in the audiovisual field as a consolidated cinematographic work, but broadcasting mainly in the TV channels or by videotapes. And sometimes the ones of music thematic are another commercial vehicle for the music industry.

Music is, therefore, a desirable matter of testimonial approach and with a wide field for thematic or narrative framework. Either the authorship or the interpretation, the technique or the aesthetic one, the tradition or the emergent novelty, the massified phenomenon or the cult group, the possibilities allow a varied “palette”. And the “trace” applied on an intime or exultant form, in an instructive or humoristic way, with day-worker perspective or fictional construction, allows the director’s imagination to decide what will happen in the audiovisual “canvas”.

The music videodocumentaries show today an uncontested aesthetic or narrative creativity, and they are an enjoyable way to know everything music symbolizes, and at the same time, everything that’s backward of it, that is, the human being himself.


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