Editorial (2007 Edition)

“ViMus” because the initial letters summarizes the key terms of this new festival: Video and Music . Matters which are different in nature are merged and combined as audiovisual format in 3 categories: videoclip, videoconcert and musical videodocumentary.

These are the objects that when they spread out the music they present an ingenious and fascinating visual world and in many cases with a strong personal creativity.

So ViMus was born because it worth to enhance and distinguish the visual authors who express themselves in this area, without forgetting or losing, the primary function of his creations: spread out the music and his musicians.

But we must also present these contents on his “natural” elements, i.e. products of the new electronic, digital, portable era and with the aesthetic design values making the impressive decisive brand.

Then the year 2007 will serve as a starting point, year zero route, with a guaranteed continuation and that we face it as positive test for sustained growth and full implementation of the conceptual assumptions as proposed by us.

So we announce the 2007 programme, which by the intrinsic quality of the competitions, but more importantly, by the retrospectives of José F. Pinheiro and Carlos Saura, or the “Eclectia” set, we’re very proud to present.

For this edition, the Festival ViMus 2007 has received about 2 hundreds entries for the international videoclips competition and about 100 for the national competition. Of these the organization has selected 95 for the international competition, to be displayed in 8 sessions and 36 for the national, distributed by 3 sessions. 23 other videoclips will be presented in the National Panorama (out of competition).

In the national videodocumentaries section 6 works will be in competition and the international section will open next year.

The jury will attribute the following awards:

International and National Videoclipes: best director, best conceptual videoclip, best performative videoclip, best photography, best animation and best fiction.

National Music Videodocumentary: best music videodocumentary.

In this first year, the organization have decided, despite having received several videos, not to open the videoconcerts competition, but it aims to be, as early as next year, a pioneering space for the presentation of this format that’s still growing, nationally and internationally.

We hope therefore to make the first of many contributions to the music videos in a way to have a visible and valorative space.

The Festival Direction

Hilário Amorim
Marco Santos


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