The music video as a creative genre and his increasable position in the audiovisual field has a singular role in the contemporary culture.

It’s a form of expression that gives another dimension to music. Promotes it and expands his spectrum. And also reinforces our fascination with music and everything that surrounds it.

It connects us to the music product with a strong sense of memorisation, but most of all we get it with a special pleasure.

His forms and methods have art and skill. They are born from a strong elaboration and they have the ability to create new trends.

It makes us wonder who creates them.


The Festival intends to distinguish and promote the music videos authors, celebrating their visual creativity, helping this way, to replace the figure of the director as a creator.

And to offer a global vision of the actual state and trends in the national and international music video panorama.


In this new event another conceptual amplitude of music video will be given. Besides the creative format of the videoclip, products in DVD format such as videoconcerts and music videodocumentaries will have a distinct place.


Innovators projection systems will be used to present the music videos in free access places.

A free attitude toward the artistic audiovisuals works will be presented in these spaces, giving the event the format characteristics: popular, informal, electronic, curious, innovator, etc. Allowing this way, to be among people in a variety of spaces.


The International Music Video Festival of Póvoa de Varzim is organized by the City Council with a local partnership from the Cineclub Octopus and with the Institutional Sponsorship from the Portuguese Institute of Tourism.



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