Retrospective – Spanish Music Videos (2007)

eclectia eclectia2 eclectia1 eclectia3

Eclectia: un panorama del videoclip nacional contemporáneo”

“Eclectia” is a compilation of the most representative videoclips (Camela, Manta Ray, Los Planetas, Astrud, Macaco…) directed in Spain in the recent years.

This work aims to fill a shortage of publications to spread out the work of Spanish directors and to treat the videoclip as art with the artistic-aesthetic importance it deserves. Luis Cerveró (director of videoclips and advertising) comissioned the final selection and exercised the function of “artistic commissioner” of this project produced by Malvalanda.


Videos presented at ViMus 2007:

1 – La Mala Rodriguez, ”La niña”, Dir. David Alcaide

2 – Viva Las Vegas, ”Autómata”, Dir. Ramón Luis Bande

3 – Camela, ”Cuando Zarpa El Amor”, Dir. J. A. Bayona

4 – Macaco, ”S.O.S.”, Dir. André Cruz

5 – Mate, ”Cada vez que amanece”, Dir. Iván Dominguez

6 – Astrud, ”Mentalismo”, Dir. DSK (Juan Lesta & Belén Montero)

7 – La Casa Azul, “Como Un Fan”, Dir. Domingo González

8 – Le Mans, ”Canción de Todo Va Mal”, Dir. Gabe Ibañez

9 – Los Planetas, ”Dulces Sueños”, Dir. Marc Lozano

10-Manta Ray, ”Take a Look”, Dir. Benet Román


PS. More complete info here (in portuguese).


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