Submissions Regulations

The International Music Video Festival of Póvoa de Varzim is an organization of the City Council in local partnership with the Octopus Cineclub and with the Institutional Sponsorship from the Portuguese Institute of Tourism.

The Festival intends to distinguish and promote the music video authors, celebrating they’re visual creativity, and also, to offer a global vision of the actual state and trends in the national and international music video panorama within its several formats.

Date and place
The Festival will take place from 4th to 7th September 2008 in Póvoa de Varzim-Portugal.

The Festival is composed by the following sections:

International Competition:

• Videoclips
• Videoconcerts
• Music videodocumentaries

 National Competition:

 • Videoclips
• Videoconcerts
• Music videodocumentaries

Retrospectives and special thematic sections

Exhibitions and special events

Jury and awards

1. The jury is composed of 3 elements and they will attribute the following awards:

International Competition

Best International Videoclip Award (1.000 €uros)
Best Performative Videoclip Award
Best Photography Award
Best Animation Award
Best Fiction Award

Best International Videoconcert Award

Music Videodocumentaries:
Best International Videodocumentary Award (1.000 €uros)

National Competition

Best National Videoclip Award (500 €uros)
Best Performative Videoclip Award
Best Photography Award
Best Animation Award
Best Fiction Award

Best National Videoconcert Award

Music Videodocumentaries:
Best National Videodocumentary Award (500 €uros)

2. The jury may also attribute special mentions in any categories.

3. There’s no appeal from the jury decisions.

4. Videoclip Audience Award from the international and national competitions.

Admittance conditions

1. The competitions are composed of original works produced or released in 2007 and 2008. Works that applied last year will not be admitted.

2. All the videos, only in DVD-PAL format (Mpeg2) must be sent, until June 27th, 2008 with the entry form to:

C.M.P.V. (Festival Internacional de Vídeo Musical)
Divisão de Desenvolvimento Económico
A/c Paulo João Lopes da Silva
Praça do Almada
4490-438 Póvoa de Varzim

3. The transportation costs of the DVDs and promotional materials (press-releases, posters, etc) are the entire responsibility of the candidates.

3.1. For customs purposes, international shipments must be marked as “FOR CULTURAL USE ONLY – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE” (Value = $ 0). Shipments that cannot be cleared without fees will be rejected. DVDs sent to the above address must involve no expense for the recipients.

3.2. The declared amount for custom matters must be of zero ($ 0) value in your local currency.

4. You may submit more than one video. And if you need you may put all in one DVD (except documentaries and concerts).

5. Always attach photo stills from the video (300 dpi resolution – JPEG/ TIFF) on a CD or send by e-mail to

6. All videodocumentaries must be subtitled in English. Except the ones in Portuguese language that is recommended but not an admittance condition.

7. The DVDs received by the Festival will be used to pre-selection and to presentation, if selected. So, we recommend to send us the best possible quality copy.

8. The Festival will only present the videos in DVD format.

9. The author guarantees the authorship of its works and assumes all the decurrent responsibility of claims of third persons.

10. The Festival Direction may exceptionally decide to select films that do not fill some of these conditions.

General Conditions

1. The Festival Direction is responsible for the selection process. All the selected candidates will be notified and the result will be available in the Festival site.

2. Excerpts of the selected works may be used for the Festival promotion, unless different expression in the entry form.

3. The prizes will be awarded to the person indicated as director on the entry form. Except the “Best Photography Award” which will be given to the indicated as director of photography.

4. The Festival reserves the right to use the awarded videos to promote the music video art form and the festival, in exhibitions and other audiovisual festivals. The authorship will be always properly identified and each presentation date previously communicated.

5. All copies and publicity material as well other information received by the Festival will not be returned and they will become part of the festival’s archive, but always observing the copyright rules.

6. The Festival Direction may decide not to make a competition in any category, if the quality of the received works isn’t in a sufficient number.

7. The Festival Direction will decide and inform all issues not included in the present regulation.

8. Participation in the Festival implies the acceptance and respect of the present regulations.



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