The Festival

This is an event similar to a film festival but with two different levels.

Different for the content:

This festival intends to distinguish and promote the visual creation of the audiovisual works with a defined theme. Works with commercial function and with a growing status in the market, which one of them, the videoclip, has already achieved a singular position with a high level of creativity and experimentation.

It’s a festival with the purpose of establishing a singular space for these technical and aesthetic contents of the music videos and that, besides the videoclips, has dvd products such as videoconcerts and music documentaries.

Different for the presentation form:

The music videos technological characteristics allow a bigger versatility presentation than the usual theatre. We intend to use new systems of presentation video, specially the most innovators and aesthetically attractive (plasmas, LCD, projectors, etc, or emerging ones like Laser DLP, FED, LED, etc) in easy access places to enjoy an ensemble of creative and popular (like they naturally are) audiovisuals works.

This way besides the attractive, technologically fascinating and relaxing ambience, we intend to establish a cultural event where the physical support is an element of attraction and an element of institutional promotion.


The Festival plans to do a global annual search in the musical video production domain, with or without worldwide projection, whenever exist visual quality:

– To present on an annual perspective a national and international competition in the following categories:


Best Videoclip
Best Performative Videoclip
Best Photography
Best Animation;
Best Fiction

Music Videodocumentary
Best Music Videodocumentary

Best Videoconcert

– To consolidate on an historical perspective the artistically important music videos in the contemporary culture through parallels programs.

In this search, it will be exciting to discover and promote the visual creators who use this field as an artistic expression through the presentation of videographies from the most influential ones and eventually all their creative work. So, from the music videos we’ll show the singularity of an artist with activity in others areas such as photography, films, commercials, design and others contemporary visual arts.



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