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Opening Session – September 4th, 22h00

The opening session ViMus 2008 it will take place at the “Biblioteca DIANA BAR” (Largo do Passeio Alegre)- September 4th, 22h00, with the screening of the videodocumentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad“, by Eddy Moretti & Suroosh Alvi. (Free entry).


Presenting the session, as a special guest, it will be the entertainer JEL (, the leader of the band Kalashnikov, the pioneers of  “wartime rock’n’roll” and an expertise on war scenarios!! A “destroyer” presence!


Sponsors 2008


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Give-away ViMus / Antena 3

National Radio “Antena 3” will offer 2 nights for 2 persons at a nice Hotel to attend the Festival. Portuguese version here.

Retrospective”Freedom Now”[Videoconcerts]

“Listen to the Film … Watch the Music”. A unique collection of free-form films on music. [VIDEOCONCERTS]

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Retrospective Rui de Brito

Gomo, "Feeling Alive", Real. Rui de Brito, 2004 Mesa, "Luz Vaga", Real. Rui de Brito, 2004 Sam The Kid, "Poetas de Karaoke", Real. Rui de Brito, 2006 boss-ac-que-deus2
Determined to defy conventional ilustration of music, Rui de Brito developed in the last 8 to 10 years, his own form of designing videoclips in Portugal, with emphasis on design processes instead of technical.

He left his unique touch in Portuguese audiovisuals and became a major reference of creativity television and is in the process of internationalizing his activities.

In Vimus, Rui de Brito will present a retrospective of his videoclips, commenting on them and conferencing on his experience and personal vision. Read More…

Retrospective Edouard Salier

Thomas Winter & Bogue, 'Batifole' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2003 "Flesh" (curta-metragem), Real. Eduard Salier, 2005, 9'50 Orishas, 'Hay Un Son' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2007 Smirnoff (publicidade), Real. Edouard Salier, 2007
Having a huge appetite for images, Edouard Salier is a french author who creates in a frenetic rhythmn, graphic and audiovisual experiences through short-films, advertising films, installations and VJing”.

E. Salier competed with three videoclips on the international competition in the previous edition, so this year, ViMus presents a retrospective of all his work, that for five years has highlighted the international scene as a designer with his own personality, at a time when he prepares his first feature film. Read More…

2008 Festival’s jury

Rui de Brito

Chief Executive / Creative Officer of SUBFILMES CREATIVE NETWORK (Lisbon, New York and Barcelona).
He was Born in 1970. He has a Degree in Marketing & Advertising, 3 years as art director in advertising agencies. He founded SubFilmes in 1998, where he is currently CEO and CCO. He has emblematic projects in his curriculum as are the cases of videoclips (Gomo, ‘Feeling Alive‘ or Sam the Kid, ‘Poetas do Karaoke‘) and TV magazines (Lisboa Mistura TV, SIC Notícias; Fuzz, SIC Radical; Pop Up, RTP 2; Sociedade das Belas Artes, SIC Notícias). 

steph3 Stephane Jourdain

He was born in Poitiers in 1967. After studying musicology and ethnomusicology, he became producer and filmmaker.
Music has an important place in his filmography: he designed the series “Freedom Now! Filming music today” (30 titles x 52′), produced portraits of musicians (David Murray, Fémi Kuti, Zad Moultaka …), re-creations of concerts, in genres as diverse as jazz, improvised music, contemporary and classic music…

Inês Nadais

Born in Porto in 1976, she has a degree in Social Communication from the Minho University, in 1999. She has done an intership in the “PÚBLICO” newspaper at Oporto delegation, where she has been working since December 1999, with particular attention to film, music and theatre areas, and since February 2007, is part of the editorial board of “ÍPSILON” supplement.