Videodocumentaries National Compet. 2008

camane capa_edreda


Camané, As Gravações de ‘Sempre de Mim’“, Bruno de Almeida, Portugal, 2008, 30’

Script – Bruno Almeida
Photography – Bruno Almeida
Production – BA Filmes

camaneA 30 minutes documentary on recording the new album of Camané originals “Sempre de mim”. Bruno spent two weeks in the studio following Camané’s recording process and his collaboration with producer José Mário Branco. This film is a work-in-progress version of the feature length documentary that Bruno is producing about Camané.


B.leza“, Rui Lopes da Silva, Portugal, 2007, 34’33

 Script – Victor Pires
Photography – Rui Lopes da Silva
Production – Rui Lopes da Silva

When the closing of B.leza was announced, a few artists got united to defend its right to stay on. All their effort is presented in a documentary offering a value record of the night spot’s history. The Palace of a culture that in a spontaneous way, unifies music to bodies, as various national expressions. This is a document told by several voices of a night spot that came to have new social implications for it has helped remove ethnic and cultural boundaries as it promoted new artistic expressions. Here, African people could recall as they performed their art.


Kuduro – Fogo no Museke“, Jorge António, Portugal, 2007, 52’

Script – Jorge António
Photography – Cláudio Jorge
Production – Mukixe Produções

‘Kuduro, Fogo no Museke’ is the 2nd part of a trilogy that the author dedicates to the Angolan music initiated into 2005 with ‘Angola – Histories of the Popular Music’. From the questions: What is the Kuduro? Why this name? Why this crazy controversy? Jorge António brings us a social and cultural portrait of a new generation through this kind of music that exceeded frontiers and already is an international actuality.


É Dreda Ser Angolano“, Família Fazuma, Portugal, 2008, 65’

Script – Toni, Das Krita King
Photography – Sista Clementina
Production – Família Fazuma

capa_edredaIt happened by accident. We started to collect footage for Conjunto Ngonguenha’s videoclip and ended up with 13 tapes of material. So we’ve decided to illustrate the whole album. This kind of documentary is a tribute to an Angolan hip hop group called “Conjunto Ngonguenha” and all other artists from Angola who were able to find inspiration out of the adversities of everyday life and contribute to the creation of a new Angolan identity.


PDF file here: list


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