Retrospective Edouard Salier

Thomas Winter & Bogue, 'Batifole' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2003 "Flesh" (curta-metragem), Real. Eduard Salier, 2005, 9'50 Orishas, 'Hay Un Son' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2007 Smirnoff (publicidade), Real. Edouard Salier, 2007
Having a huge appetite for images, Edouard Salier is a french author who creates in a frenetic rhythmn, graphic and audiovisual experiences through short-films, advertising films, installations and VJing”.

E. Salier competed with three videoclips on the international competition in the previous edition, so this year, ViMus presents a retrospective of all his work, that for five years has highlighted the international scene as a designer with his own personality, at a time when he prepares his first feature film.

 Doctor L, 'Labyrinth' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2000 "Love" (instalação), Edouard Salier, 2006 Tété, 'Fils de Cham' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2006 Edouard Salier - Making Of (videoclipe de Orishas)



edouard_11After graduating Graphic Art and Design studies in Paris, Edouard Salier started working with the composer and music producer Doctor L (designing his record sleeves and directing his music videos).

With a style that is heavily rooted in graphic design, Salier’s work has been making noise on the audiovisual underground for five years. In 2005, his short film Empire started touring around the world (Paris, London, New York, Toronto, Hamburg, Melbourne), winning an audience award at Brooklyn Film Festival. Edouard Salier is now preparing his first feature film.


DVD E. SalierEDOUARD SALIER, Retrospective
France, 2000-2007, 70’


“This is not a VHS. Watching this DVD may cause addiction. Due to numerous infractions regarding several federal laws, it is strictly forbidden to screen this DVD while not drinking, having sex, smoking or using drugs.

Well known international copyleft organizations recommend to mention Edouard Salier as the author of his movies, music videos, and commercials. Everything "Flesh" (curta-metragem), Real. Eduard Salier, 2005, 9'50''you heard about him is true. Shocking details included. Porn stars appear courtesy of their own will.

Warning: ‘Empire’ contains explicit images of Imperialism. ‘Toks’ is a movie about toxicomania. Try it at home. None of the 70 virgins were hurt during the making of ‘Flesh’. Cuba is a democratic State. United States of America appear courtesy of God” ©.

“À travers la profusion d’images et l’impression d’éparpillement, il naît de ce bric-à-brac visuel un art du collage et du bricolage qui mène tout droit à une réflexion sur le statut même de l’image, sur la fonction du trucage et la fascination pour la manipulation”. In Repérages, March 2005


List: (PDF file click here)

THOMAS WINTER ET BOGUE: “LE BALAYEUR“  (Music Video, 2004, 3’34)

“TOKS” (Short Film, 2003, 8’27)

NAAB: “BACK BY DOPE DEMANDE” (Music Video, 2002, 5’)

ORISHAS: “QUE PASA ?” (Music Video, 2002, 3’44)

MCM, 12 (Institutional film, 2002, 1’40)


NUMERICABLE (Commercial, 2007, 30’’)

ORISHAS: “HABANA” (Music Video, 2002, 3’36)

“06:12:2003” (Short Film, 2003, 5’)

“LOVE” INSTALLATION (Making Of, 2006, 1’18)Winter & Bogue, 'Batifole' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2004

THOMAS WINTER ET BOGUE: “BATIFOLE” (Music Video, 2003, 4’40)

6 VISIONS OF ABSOLUT- Lomo (Commercial, 2007, 1’30)

TÉTÉ: “FILS DE CHAM” (Music Video, 2006, 4’03)

SMIRNOFF, RED LINE (Commercial, 2007, 1’)

ORISHAS: “HAY UN SON” (Music Video, 2007, 3’16)

“EMPIRE” (Short Film, 2005, 4’10)

The Replicants, 'User' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2007

JEHRO: “I WANT LOVE” (Music Video, 2006, 3’56)

“FLESH” (Short Film, 2005, 9’50)

THE REPLICANTS: “USER” (Music Video, 2007, 4’10)



Clio Bronze – Miami – USA

FCMM Nouveau Cinéma – Montreal – Canada
NBF Innovation Award
Gijon International Film Festival – Spain
Best Short Film
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, National Competition –France
Procirep Prize for Best Production Company
Festival d’Aubagne – France
Experimental Prize
Sonar –Florence –Italy
Best Animated Short Film
Arcipelago, International Festival of Short Films and New Images – Roma – Italy
Special mention
Split International Film Festival – Croatia
Grande Prix
La Boca del Lobo – Madrid – Spain
Special Mention

"Empire" (curta-metragem), Real. Edouard Salier, 2005, 4'10EMPIRE
Brooklyn International Film Festival – USA
Audience Awards
Paris tout Court Festival – France
Mention du jury Jeune
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Lab Competition – France
Best Digital Film, SCAM 2005
International Short Film Festival – Lille – France
First Prize – Experimental Category
Expression en Corto – Mexico
Best Experimental Film
International Izmir Short Film Festival – Turkey
Golden Cat Award
Encounters Short Film Festival – Bristol – UK
Animate Artist Award




Edouard Salier“Edouard Salier is a French creator, who having a huge appetite for images, has created a wide range of graphic and experimental audiovisual works throughout short films, music videos, promos, installations and VJing.

Reputed name in the alternative circuits, Salier’s work started to be known to many after his short film ‘Empire’ winning the audience award at Brooklyn Film Festival in 2005. Also the year’s release of ‘Flesh’, an amazing audiovisual exercise that made a lot of noise as it Kactus Hunters, 'Miracle', (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier, 2001relates the September 11 attacks (9/11) with porn scenes falling in profusion throughout the city’s skyscrapers.

But aside Edouard Salier agitator feature, there is an artist that has created in a few years a singular body of work on the universe of videoclips, and with exception to Orishas videos and the one that illustrates the song ‘Já sei namorar’ of Tribalistas band (2003), remains unknown to the great majority of the Portuguese public. Beyond experimental videos as “Clumsy Lobster” (Ernest Saint Laurent, Tribalistas 'Já Sei Namorar' (videoclipe), Real. Edouard Salier2001), ‘Back By Dope Demand’ (Naab, 2002) or ‘Batifole’ (Winter & Bogue, 2004), and true prodigies of image manipulation (‘Hay un sun’, Orishas, 2007), or the apparent simplicity and economy of means of producing video as ‘Perfect Monster’ (Kactus Hunters, 2001) and the fabulous (and false) plain scene of ‘Naci Orishas’ (Orishas, 2004), Edouard Salier’s videography is acclaimed all across the globe for his handcraft/expertise in the art of collage, leading the more educated viewer to a much stimulant reflection on the proper concept of image.

Salier is now preparing his first feature film. Having showed 3 videos of the author in last year’s International competition, ViMus is thrilled to present this year a thorough retrospective of this fascinating video maker, whose style already was very appropriately nicknamed ‘baroque-trash’.”

João Pedro da Costa
August 2008


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