Retrospective”Freedom Now”[Videoconcerts]

“Listen to the Film … Watch the Music”. A unique collection of free-form films on music. [VIDEOCONCERTS]




Current jazz, both European and international, improvised music, hybrid crossings of music and more generally, the whole range of creative music of any style constitute the heart of the Freedom Now collection.

This collection brings into play a reflection upon the relationship between image and music.
It all began with an idea expressed in the “paradox” that many of us for whom music is more important than anything are rarely satisfied when it is set to image for television. We look without watching, as the image leaves us wanting compared to the sound, since the music is so often misunderstood, misconceived and thus, badly reproduced.

La Huit in co-production with Mezzo and the Banlieues Bleues Festival decided to produce films capturing research into as wide a spirit of creation and freedom as possible.

Total freedom was given to directors who are reputed for their loving experience of filming music. Their films challenge the conservative codes of shooting musical performances.

Each film uses the basis of a given concert from the Banlieues Bleues Festival. Entrusted to directors for whom music is a major center of interest, their carte blanche style of filmmaking puts into question the fixed codes of musical representation.

The collection which presently comprises 30 films of ± 50′ and 2 feature films is complemented each year with new editions.
Directors:  Anaïs  Prosaïc, Régine  Abadia, Jacques Goldstein, Stéphane  Jourdain, Guy Girard, Jérôme de Missolz, Guillaume Dero, Claude Santiago.


rai-rai-rai-3rai-rai-rai-21RAÏ! RAÏ! RAÏ! – CHEIKHA RABIA & BELLEMOU,
Dir. Claude Santiago, 2008, 50′

Raï! Raï! Raï! focuses on two major figures in Algerian music: Cheikha Rabia, the master of traditional raï, and Bellemou, the creator of modern raï. Close-up shots best characterize the way the concerts were filmed, disconnecting the singers from their environment, thus emphasizing the individual performance of each musician and dancer. A reinvented interaction between colors and shapes trough a highly dynamic edit reinforces the hypnotic trance effect the music produces in itself.


yohimbe-brothers-2yohimbe-brothers-5YOHIMBE BROTHERS – FEAT. VERNON REID & DJ LOGIC,
Dir. Jérôme de Missolz, 2005, 52′

With is group YOHIMBE BROTHERS, guitarist Vernon Reid (Living Colour) joins forces with New York buddy DJ Logic to create a fusion sound at the crossroads of funk, rap and Latino rhythms. This film challenges the image/sound relationship using a VJ technique (in postproduction) that recreates the conditions of live multicam and treats each song with specific graphics animation by Mathieu Foldès. The film can be experienced as an exploration of the particular resonances between image and sound in the tradition of the great psychedelic trips of the 70s.


Dir. Jacques Goldstein, 2003, 52′

Jerry Gonzalez’s music is that of exile and uprooting: Africa (the drums), Spain (flamenco and Arab-Andalusian roots for the guitar), Latin America (salsa) and the USA (jazz). Jerry Gonzales is a child of the Bronx, of the “barrio latino” of “Nueva Yorke”, who finally came to seek refuge in Madrid. It is also encounter music and that of escaping from the common cage: Blacks from Whites, Hispanics from Anglo-Saxons, Gypsies from Gadjes. This music is enriched from its encounters, violent and soft, tender and serene, it is red music.

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