ViMus in Covilhã – 2008 Awards

Festival ViMus will present the 2008 awards, on November 18th and 19th, in the portuguese town Covilhã (free entry). 
capa_edredaNovember 18th:
Cinubiteca, 15H00 – “É Dreda Ser Angolano“, by Família Fazuma (Best National Music Videodocumentary)


deadNovember 18th:
B.A., 23H00 – Awarded Videoclips at ViMus 2008 and a selection from the National/International videoclip competitions (see the list below).


ninki_v_omitbNovember 19th:
Cinubiteca, 15h00 – “One Man In The Band“, by Adam Clitheroe (Best International Music Videodocumentary).



A selection from the national/international videoclips competitions:

1 – COPARCK (Holland) – “Thoughts You Thought You Could Do Without”, Dir. André Maat
     (Rec: V2 / Prod: Pool Worldwide)
2 – BJÖRK (Iceland) – “Declare Independence”, Dir. Michel Gondry
     (Rec: One Little Indian / Prod: Partizan)
3 – MERRY POPPINS (Belarus) – “My Name Is Love”, Dir. Aliaksei Tserakhau
     (Prod: Cosmos Film)
4 – MICRO AUDIO WAVES (Portugal) – “2 Night”, Dir. Jancl
     (Rec: Magic Music / Prod: Ideias Com Peso)
5 – BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY (USA) – “Love Comes To Me”, Dir. Oliver Pietsch
     (Rec: Domino / Prod: Oliver Pietsch)
6 – ZZz (Holland)- “Grip”, Dir. Roel Wouters
     (Rec: Exelsior / Prod: Goeroe/Tax-Videoclipsfonds)
7 – JORGE CRUZ (Portugal) – “Nada”, Dir. Gonçalo Madaíl
     (Rec: iPlay / Prod: G. Madaíl/E. Fonseca)
8 – DIZZEE RASCAL (UK) – “Sirens”, Dir. W.I.Z.
     (Rec: XL / Prod: Factory Films)
9 – MADRUGADA (Norway) – “Look Away Lúcifer”, Dir. Andreas Nilsson
     (Rec: EMI / Prod: Nixonnoxin)
10-LIARS (USA) – “Plaster Casts of Everything”, Dir. Patrick Daughters
     (Rec: Mute / Prod: The Directors Bureau)
11-LOS PLANETAS (Spain) – “Alegrías Del Incendio” Dir. Luis Cerveró
     (Rec: Sony BMG / Prod: Nanouk Films)
12-OURS (USA) – “Live Again & God Only Wants You”, Dir. Michael Maxxis
     (Rec: Columbia & American / Prod: RW Media)

coparck-thoughts-you-thoughts-you-could-do-withoutxx bjork-declare-independencexx merry-poppins-my-name-is-lovexx micro-audio-waves-2-nightxx bonnie-prince-billy-love-comes-to-mexx zzz-gripxx nada-1 dizzee-rascal-sirensxx madrugada-look-away-luciferxx liars-plaster-casts-of-everythingxx los-planetas-alegrias-del-incendioxx ours-live-again-god-only-wants-youxx


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