ViMus in Aveiro – 2008 Awards

Festival ViMus will present the awarded videodocumentary (Best International Videodocumentary – ViMus 2008), “One Man In The Band“, by Adam Clitheroe (with portuguese subtitles),  in the portuguese town Aveiro, at “Mercado Negro“, on December 13th, 23H30. Before this session, will be also presented at 22H30, a selection from the National/International videoclip competitions (see the list below). Free entry.

 Mercado Negro (logo) ViMus no 'Mercado Negro' 
Mercado Negro: Rua João Mendonça, n.º 17 (frente ao canal principal) – Aveiro


A selection from the national/international videoclips competitions:

1 – COPARCK (Holland) – “Thoughts You Thought You Could Do Without”, Dir. André Maat
     (Rec: V2 / Prod: Pool Worldwide)
2 – BJÖRK (Iceland) – “Declare Independence”, Dir. Michel Gondry
     (Rec: One Little Indian / Prod: Partizan)
3 – MERRY POPPINS (Belarus) – “My Name Is Love”, Dir. Aliaksei Tserakhau
     (Prod: Cosmos Film)
4 – MICRO AUDIO WAVES (Portugal) – “2 Night”, Dir. Jancl
     (Rec: Magic Music / Prod: Ideias Com Peso)
5 – BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY (USA) – “Love Comes To Me”, Dir. Oliver Pietsch
     (Rec: Domino / Prod: Oliver Pietsch)
6 – ZZz (Holland)- “Grip”, Dir. Roel Wouters
     (Rec: Exelsior / Prod: Goeroe/Tax-Videoclipsfonds)
7 – JORGE CRUZ (Portugal) – “Nada”, Dir. Gonçalo Madaíl
     (Rec: iPlay / Prod: G. Madaíl/E. Fonseca)
8 – DIZZEE RASCAL (UK) – “Sirens”, Dir. W.I.Z.
     (Rec: XL / Prod: Factory Films)
9 – MADRUGADA (Norway) – “Look Away Lúcifer”, Dir. Andreas Nilsson
     (Rec: EMI / Prod: Nixonnoxin)
10-LIARS (USA) – “Plaster Casts of Everything”, Dir. Patrick Daughters
     (Rec: Mute / Prod: The Directors Bureau)
11-LOS PLANETAS (Spain) – “Alegrías Del Incendio” Dir. Luis Cerveró
     (Rec: Sony BMG / Prod: Nanouk Films)
12-OURS (USA) – “Live Again & God Only Wants You”, Dir. Michael Maxxis
     (Rec: Columbia & American / Prod: RW Media)

coparck-thoughts-you-thoughts-you-could-do-withoutxx bjork-declare-independencexx merry-poppins-my-name-is-lovexx micro-audio-waves-2-nightxx bonnie-prince-billy-love-comes-to-mexx zzz-gripxx nada-1 dizzee-rascal-sirensxx madrugada-look-away-luciferxx liars-plaster-casts-of-everythingxx los-planetas-alegrias-del-incendioxx ours-live-again-god-only-wants-youxx


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