The f***ing crisis is international, big, strong and it swallows everything (and it serves as an excuse for some folks!!). Consequently the ViMus Festival was infected by this ‘virus’ and there will be no festival this year. If we’ll find an antibiotic, the show will be on road again.

It was a great experience, we’ve seen fantastic videos from the five continents, we’ve met nice people. The ‘tree’ was growing healthy, but someone shouted: “Timber!”

Anyway, thanks to all of you who ‘really’ supported this festival.



4 responses to “THIS IS THE END (??)”

  1. Hot Music Video says :

    That is sad news …

  2. mb723 says :

    I think the Vimus Festival with be back. It’s to important to too many people.

  3. awepictures says :

    Boas, muitos parabéns à equipa!
    Eu também sou do porto, e realizo curtas-metragens.
    Será que posso participar no festival?

  4. uTube says :


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