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Spot Tv (2007)


Awards ViMus (2007)

Fonica, 'Whirr', Real. Timo Katz David Fonseca, 'Hold Still', Real. David Fonseca e Augusto Brázio "Nu Bai - O Rap Negro de Lisboa", Real. Otávio Raposo Feist, '1234', Real. Patrick Daughters Read More…

2007 Festival’s Jury


The jury was composed by: José F. Pinheiro, Nuno Galopim e Oscar Sarmiento. Read More…

Retrospective – José F. Pinheiro (2007)

golpe-de-estado-vox-profetica-1993 madredeus-ao-longe-o-mar-astros-reflect-and-chill-mix-2004 rodrigo-leao-a-casa no-dat-hino-ao-vento-2005 
José F. Pinheiro co-directed with Jorge P. Pires the documentary “Brava Dança” about “Heróis do Mar” (Portuguese band), recently premiered in the theaters. However, between 1990 and the present day he has directed about two hundred videoclips for Portuguese artists/groups, videodocumentaries (Madredeus, Zeca Afonso) and around a hundred advertising spots.

The Festival ViMus 2007 presents the first major retrospective of this portuguese director, pioneer of the videoclips or the music video in the largest sense of the term, by a representative set of his work. Read More…

Retrospective – Carlos Saura (2007)

carlos-saura carlos_do_carmo1 tango Lole y Manuel in 'Flamenco' de Carlos Saura
Carlos Saura is perhaps the most regarded Spanish director after Pedro Almodovar. He has directed since 1956 more than 40 films. From the 90’s he has developed his passion for music and dance, directing movies with a musical thematic, adopting a mix between documentary, film music, theater/dance and drama, with an outstanding visual splendor.

Taking the opportunity of his most recent work in this area, about the Portuguese song, the final work of its own “urban song trilogy,” the Festival ViMus ’07 will present “Fados” and will show his previous features “Flamenco”, “Tango” and “Iberia”.  Read More…