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ViMus in Slovakia – Fest Anča 2009

The Festival ViMus will be at Fest Anča 2009 (Slovakia) to present an animation music video set from our 2008 competition. The complete list here: Read More…


ViMus in Aveiro – 2008 Awards

Festival ViMus will present the awarded videodocumentary (Best International Videodocumentary – ViMus 2008), “One Man In The Band“, by Adam Clitheroe (with portuguese subtitles),  in the portuguese town Aveiro, at “Mercado Negro“, on December 13th, 23H30. Before this session, will be also presented at 22H30, a selection from the National/International videoclip competitions (see the list below). Free entry. Read More…

ViMus at ‘Casa da Animação’ (Porto)

The Festival ViMus will present at ‘Casa da Animação‘, on November 27th (22H00), in the city of Oporto, a set of animation videoclips that were in competition on the 2008 edition, along with an animation set from the collective Easy Lab (Take It Easy), winners of the award for Best Animation Music Video (National Competition), with the presence of the director Nico Guedes to present this retrospective. Read More…

ViMus in Covilhã – 2008 Awards

Festival ViMus will present the 2008 awards, on November 18th and 19th, in the portuguese town Covilhã (free entry).  Read More…

Ant 1 + RUM interviews (PT) [ViMus Dir.]

Antena 1 radio  interview
(click here to play)


RUM – Programme ‘Cafeína’, interview -1st part.

RUM – Programme ‘Cafeína’, interview -2nd part.

MTV ‘Brand:New’ – Paulo Prazeres and Alex

MTV “Brand:New” programme interviews Paulo Prazeres (director of the double awarded videoclip at ViMus 2008, “É Verdade“, by Terrakota) and Alex (from Terrakota).

MTV ‘Brand:New’ interviews Rui de Brito

MTV ‘Brand:New’ interviews Rui de Brito. In the 2008 edition, Festival ViMus has presented a retrospective from the portuguese author/director Rui de Brito, that also received, in ViMus 2007, the award for ‘Best Fiction’ (National Videoclip Compet.) with “Poetas do karaoke“, by Sam The Kid.