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The Festival

This is an event similar to a film festival but with two different levels.

Different for the content:

This festival intends to distinguish and promote the visual creation of the audiovisual works with a defined theme. Works with commercial function and with a growing status in the market, which one of them, the videoclip, has already achieved a singular position with a high level of creativity and experimentation. Read More…


About the Videoclip

In last the 20 years the music culture lived intimately with a visual source propagated by the cathodic rays (CRT = conventional monitor) of a device that had been massified exponentially on a world-wide scale.

In fact, the television has already reached for long a detached position as media and the music industry started to take advantage of this, but since then in a new form. Read More…

About the Videoconcert

There was a time when the hearing was the only sense to connect the music lovers to the source of their predilection, being this accessible only by live shows, by radio broadcasting or by the old vinyl records. But from the moment when the “audio” word was attached to the “visual” word, reality changed radically in the field of the super stimulated perceptions, proving that the pleasure of any thing for which two or more senses concur is, always, much more rewarding. Read More…

About the Music Videodocumentary

Music is, as cultural, social, economic and artistic phenomenon, a reason of curiosity, discovery, sharing and transmission of a fundamental knowledge of the human nature, besides his role in the “mediatic space”.

Music is an omnipresent element in our lives and is part in the construction of a collective conscientious. So, naturally it’s matter of study and documental treatment, where the audiovisual assumes a considerable part as a promotion object. Read More…