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Suggestion: Video Militia

Video Militia
Video Militia – The New Video Insurrection

To make the MV community even bigger we’re going to suggest whenever possible a site/blog that has the Music Video as a major figure. And we’ll start with:

Video Militia:

“Video Militia is a community-based videoblog & social network focused on emerging music videos, commercials & films. The mission is to create a rally point around the best and freshest of our trade.  The focus is especially on the fringe, exceptional, underground or undiscovered; this site serves all those fighting to be noticed.

Think of Video Militia as a community-based, videoblog and on a smaller scale, a social network.  The quality of the articles reflects the integrity of the site so if you submit an article try to remember these tenets!”


Tv programme “Fotograma”

“FOTOGRAMA” is the only tv magazine dedicated  to the portuguese audiovisual prodution. (New Blog only in portuguese)