MTV ‘Brand:New’ interview (ViMus Dir.)


MTV ‘Brand:New’ interviews Rui de Brito

MTV ‘Brand:New’ interviews Rui de Brito. In the 2008 edition, Festival ViMus has presented a retrospective from the portuguese author/director Rui de Brito, that also received, in ViMus 2007, the award for ‘Best Fiction’ (National Videoclip Compet.) with “Poetas do karaoke“, by Sam The Kid.

‘Fotograma’ interviews N. Guedes e J. Rocha

‘Fotograma’ interviews Nico Guedes and Jerónimo Rocha directors of the awarded videoclip at ViMus ’08 “Mostro o meu monstro mau” by Monstro Mau (Best Animation – National Videoclip Comp.).

RTPN-Fotograma interviews (2008)

Tv programme ‘Fotograma’ (RTPN) interviews Rui de Brito, David Fonseca e Hilário Amorim.

RTPN ‘Fotograma’ interviews Pedro Costa

Tv programme ‘Fotograma’ (RTPN) interviews Pedro Costa (Família Fazuma) from the awarded music videodocumentary “É Dreda Ser Angolano” (National Videodocumentary Competition) at ViMus 2008.

Tv programme “Fotograma”

“FOTOGRAMA” is the only tv magazine dedicated  to the portuguese audiovisual prodution. (New Blog only in portuguese)